Graduate School

I am currently in Edinburgh, UK, working on my Masters Degree in illustration at University of Edinburgh. This doesn’t mean that I am not still doing freelance illustration, because I am! I am still working with Antigravity Magazine, and doing lots of other projects for clients in the US and the UK. But being back

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antenna show

I am an Important Giant

This group show at Antenna Gallery features miniature artwork by 52 artists including me, and it is one of my favorite exhibits ever. I am so lucky to get to participate in this cool thing. It will be up through the end of April, so go look at it one of these weekends. More info

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Antigravity Illustration, January 2016

Astrology illustrations in Antigravity

  I am illustrating Antigravity’s astrology column in 2016, which is super fun. Did you know that Capricorn is a fish-goat? I didn’t until I made the drawings for January. Seriously, that is a very strange kind of animal, and now we both know about it. Learn more weird astrology things and look at pictures

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